About Us

About The Great American Laundromat

In 2017, we had this amazing opportunity to help our our community of veterans, active military personnel, their families, and our community. We opened a laundromat and not just any laundromat. We pooled together to purchase and modernize a local community laundromat, reviving it into a clean, safe, and technologically advanced laundromat with easy-to-use touch screen washers and dryers, hiring friendly attendants, and expanding services to include wash and fold and laundry pickup and delivery.

We know that equipment can make all the difference when it comes to getting a job done fast and efficiently. We did our due diligence and researched the best washers and dryers and equipped all of our locations with reliable, dependable Huebsch machines.


As veterans ourselves, we are proud to offer all active duty personnel a wash and fold service designed specifically for cleaning TA-50 gear because we know from first-hand experience just how big of a hassle that can be! 

We are proud to give back to a community that has served us so well. Our goal is to be the #1 laundromat in Clarksville and Ft. Campbell. Customer satisfaction is a big deal to us and we want to ensure that we are always meeting the mark.

Whether you are a parent with a big family to do laundry for, or an individual with a monthly laundry day of light loads, or a business with towels, linens, and uniforms constantly in and out of the laundry, we invite you to visit our laundromat and try our laundry services. Stop by or schedule today!