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Reasons Why Using a Laundromat is a Good Idea

July 17, 2020

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Uh-oh, the dreaded laundry day had come again.

But there’s no need to fret.

Enter stage right: the laundromat!

It’s a good idea to use a laundromat because of the following reasons:

  1. It saves money.
  2. It saves time.
  3. You can wash larger items such as blankets and comforters.
  4. There are free amenities to keep you occupied while waiting.

1. It Saves Money

Using a laundromat instead of having a washer and dryer at home saves money.

You will not have to worry about:

  • Maintaining a home washer and dryer if it malfunctions.
  • The upfront cost of purchasing these units.
  • The extra water and electric expenses by running a home washer and dryer.

According to the Dry Cleaning Hub, residential washing units only have about a 24-inch width and less capacity than commercial washing units.

There’s about $1800 involved in upfront costs for residential washing and drying units with the extra $1.40 per load of clothes. Going to a public facility to wash your clothes can cost you about $2 per wash load and higher depending on the facility’s pricing. Some facilities may offer free drying if you spend the money wash your clothes at the location.

2. It Saves Time

Save time by:

  • Washing your clothes all at once with multiple commercial machines.
  • Accessing the tablespace to get your folding and clothes hanging done at the facility before you go home.
  • Taking care of other things on your to-do list that you can do from your phone as you wait for your clothes to finish washing and drying.

Saving time is essential for you to have more time for other general responsibilities. Home units will only allow you to wash and dry one load at a time.

Utilizing laundromats help all your clothes and linens to get done just within a couple of hours that can be then taken home and put away.

3. You Can Wash Larger Items

Commercial machines can handle larger items such as blankets and comforters because of its larger width. Residential washing machines will have more trouble washing these larger items because they can only handle so much capacity.

For example, you could put 2-3 blankets or comforters or more inside a commercial machine, but you may only be able to put one comforter in a home washing machine. Visit your local facility to get all your linens and bed sheets washed at once.

4. Access to Free Amenities

You can gain access to free amenities while you’re waiting for your clothes to wash and dry. Facilities usually have televisions and free Wi-Fi for you to use during your visit.

Watching television can pass the time on those half-hour washes and one-hour drying sessions. Just be sure to watch the timer on the washer or dryer to be sure you don’t forget to switch loads.

While some laundromats may not allow this, you could possibly ask an employee to change the television channel if you’re one of the only people in the facility actually paying attention to the television.

If you are not interested in the current television shows, you can use your smartphone to access the free Wi-Fi. Watch your own favorite shows on your subscribed streaming service, watch YouTube videos, catch up on homework, and so much.

Since some phone service data plans do not come with fast loading speeds, Wi-Fi access is convenient to do what you want or need to do on your phone quickly and effectively.

Take the Fresh Step to Clean Clothes!

Laundromats are a good idea to use because it saves money, it saves time, you can wash larger items, and you have access to free amenities during your visit.

Do you want to have a worry-free laundry experience? Drop off all your loads at The Great American Laundry and we’ll wash, dry, and fold it for you! Come visit us today!

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