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How to properly clean TA-50

April 17, 2019

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If you are preparing to return your TA-50 to the Central Issuing Facility (CIF), it is critical to ensure that every piece of equipment is both clean and in impeccable shape. Even if you aren’t returning your gear, occasional cleaning is advised in order to keep your TA-50 in good condition. Whether you are transferring bases, leaving the military, or simply need to spring clean your equipment, we have you covered with this guide on how to properly clean TA-50 in a washer. 

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Brush off excess filth

Before washing your TA-50 gear it is important to brush off any excess dirt, mud, plant material, and other grime. This will jump start your cleaning and protect your washing machine from damage.

Treat stains

Another important step to take before tossing your gear in the wash is to use an effective stain fighter and odor remover. Pre-treating stains and odor will help ensure optimal results. If any of the stains on your gear appear to be set in, you may also want to try giving it a good scrub with a dish brush to help loosen it.

Remove any parts that can damage the washer

It is also important to remove any metal frames or buckles that could damage the washing machine before you get started. Trust us. This will save you major money when it comes to repairs in the long run.

Machine wash anything labeled machine washable

Obviously, everything in your TA-50 gear is not machine washable. However, for items that are, we suggest using a washing machine to clean them at the suggested temperature with a gentle detergent. If your home washer isn’t big enough, laundromats like The Great American Laundromat have heavy duty machinery that can handle even the largest loads.

Utilize a pressure washer 

For items that are not machine washable (or tough stains), we suggest using a pressure washer for a thorough clean.

Never put your TA-50 gear in the dryer

In order to ensure that none of your gear is damaged during the cleaning process, we suggest never putting it in the dryer. Instead, we recommend air drying it for the best results. This means you should plan for ample drying time before you need to return it to the CIF.

Consider turning to the professionals

Oftentimes it saves both time and money to let a professional laundry service take care of the specialty cleaning required to get military gear looking as good as new. At The Great American Laundromat, our team is experienced when it comes to cleaning TA-50 gear. All you have to do is drop it at our convenient location and we will have it sparkling clean for you to return to the CIF in no time.

Contact us today to learn more about our drop off laundry service for TA-50.

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