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How to do laundry fast and efficiently

September 18, 2018

How To Do Laundry Fast And Efficiently

If you are like most people out there, you probably dread laundry day. Or maybe you don’t even feel like you have a laundry day, but are instead doing laundry constantly throughout the week. Saving time is almost at the top of one’s to-do list! Learning how to do laundry fast can help you do just that!

Doing laundry can be downright boring sometimes and unfortunately, it is one chore that doesn’t go away just because you are tired, busy, or out of town. If your dirty laundry is quickly building up and you are looking for solutions, we have you covered with our expert advice on how to do laundry fast and efficiently.

How to do laundry fast and efficiently

1. Presort your laundry

One of the easiest ways to speed up the laundry process is to presort your clothing throughout the week. This will ensure you are ready to hit the ground running when laundry day rolls around instead of getting bogged down in hours of tedious sorting before you even get to the actual laundry part of the process.

We suggest investing in a hamper with multiple bags or baskets next time you organize your laundry room so that you can sort your laundry into darks, lights, and colors as you take them off at the end of the day. Additionally, you may want to keep a separate hamper for linens like sheets and towels. If you have a family, be sure that they know to be sorting their clothing according to your new system on a daily basis. This will lead to a much more streamlined process when it’s time to hit “start” on the washing machine.

2. Know your priorities

Another key to doing laundry in a quick and efficient manner is knowing what to prioritize. This is especially key when a large family is involved. An easy way to decide which laundry is the most important is to designate a “priority bin” where items like soccer jerseys, school uniforms, work clothes, and other essentials can be tossed.

3. Treat stains immediately

Spilled your morning cup of jo on your shirt? Splashed some of that delicious pasta sauce on your favorite dress? Instead of waiting until you do laundry to remove the stain, treat it immediately with a Tide to go pen, club soda, or hydrogen peroxide. By immediately dealing with the stain, you will save yourself from a major hassle later, since removing set in stains can often be quite time-consuming.

4. Fold your clothes immediately after drying

We know it is easier said than done, but folding your laundry as soon as you take it out of the dryer will save you from dealing with an overwhelming stack of clean laundry later. By folding your laundry straight from the dryer, you will get the task done quickly instead of having an hour of folding to do at the end of laundry day. Even better – it will cut down on wrinkles, which will, in turn, save you additional time on ironing!

5. Put an end to mismatched socks

Do you feel like you are always trying to track down missing socks? If so, consider investing in a mesh lingerie bag. Place your dirty socks in the bag throughout the week, and then simply zip up the bag and wash all of your socks at once on laundry day. This will majorly cut down on time spent sorting through socks after doing laundry. If you have a large family, we suggest giving each family member their own sock bag to place socks in and then returning the clean socks for them to sort and fold after they are clean. This genius hack eliminates one of the biggest time waters of laundry day.

6. Consider using a wash and fold laundry service

If you’ve tried everything and still find yourself cursing laundry day every time it rolls around, you may want to look into a local wash and fold laundry service. These services are surprisingly affordable and will save you tons of time so that you can spend your weekends doing things you love and spending time with your family instead of cursing your washing machine.

We hope these tips on how to do laundry fast and efficiently can help you rethink this common chore. Who knows, after implementing some of these time-saving hacks, you may even find yourself enjoying laundry day! Have any tips and tricks that have changed the way you do laundry? Let us know in the comments below!

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